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The world of business is fast and diverse. Some people would gladly invest large amounts of money in a luxurious restaurant. They entertain the idea of running a fully established business knowing all too well that it may or may not succeed. Even though restaurant business is highly competitive, many risk takers would still take the plunge and join the game.

Other people would rather think twice before taking such risks. Not only do they want to keep their arm and leg to themselves and invest in a business that doesn’t insult their budget, but they also prefer to “chase” customers around the city rather than desperately wait for them at a brick-and-mortar restaurant. We are referring to food truck businesses.

Whether you’re running a five-star restaurant or a food truck, you should probably admit that the real boss of the business is the Point of Sale System. If you’re wondering if POS systems are necessary for smaller businesses like food trucks, then our answer is a strong yes! Not only is it necessary, but it will also help your little empire grow!

If you want to learn more about food truck POS systems, then you’ve come to the right place.

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What is a Food Truck POS System and What Can It Do?

Just like all other POS devices, a food truck POS system is composed of two basic elements: a POS hardware and a POS software. There is no specific hardware for food truck systems, however; you can either use a smartphone (Androind and IOS alike) or a tablet as an iPad POS, along with their peripherial devices (debit and credit card reader, barcode scanner, etc).

 Either way, a traditional, on-premise POS system is most certainly not for you (You won’t find a giant machine shaking in your truck as you drive a very pleasant companion!)

 As for the POS software, they are downloadable on the device. Some of them are free, and some others require paid subscriptions for optimal features.

A food truck POS system is in charge of processing orders and payments and managing basic sales-related functions. Without a reliable POS device, your business is unlikely to run smoothly. In short, it is both your boss and your employee!

Advantages of Food Truck POS System

Improved Customer Service Relationships:

What’s worse than waiting in line? Being told that you can’t be served! Sorry you had to wait for 30 minutes, but we’ve run out of vanilla ice cream! Disappointing, isn’t it? A reliable POS system is a time-saver because it can be used to take orders from customers who are still standing in line. So, if you’re told from the very beginning that vanilla ice-cream is no longer available, then you make better use out of your time elsewhere.

It is Hygienic and Environmentally Friendly:

If you are your own boss and taking care of the entire business, alternating between receiving cash and preparing food may not leave the best impression on your customers. With your smartphone or tablet permanently placed on the little counter, you can focus on preparing your customer’s favorite food, and let the device do the rest. 

An advanced food truck POS system is also friendly to the environment because it emails digital receipts to your customers. Not only can this feature fast and systematic, but it also minimizes paper usage. An email has never been wasteful!

Flexible Payment Methods:

You will need to manage all types of payment during your adventures. Some customers pay in cash, while others prefer swiping their cards through the card reader. Either way, you wouldn’t struggle with any payment method. This will give your business a great boost because more and more customers will use your services knowing their favorite payment method won’t be rejected.

Ease of Use:

Since you’ll be using a smartphone or a tablet, you would only need to adapt to the software. Both you and your customers are  already familiar with the user interface of those hardawre, which means that all you need to do is take some time to master the software and learn more about its policies.


You’re lucky for not having to purchase a $6,500 traditional POS system! However, you will still need to pay monthly software fees depending on the selected plan. 

It is true that you may have already invested in the truck, its decoration, its paperwork, and its resources, but investing in a good, reliable POS system is worth the money because the better it is, the bigger your business is likely to grow. A paid subscription will guarantee you a customizable menu, regular updates and excellent 24/7 customer service.

Also, what’s $70- $100 a month compared to $6,500 PLUS monthly subscription fees?

Easy Inventory Management:

Your POS system will make sure that you’re never run out of resources. From ingredients all the way up to sales reports and employee schedules, the little device will let you know whenever you’re about to run out of something-  calculations you can’t always get right with one brain.

Disadvantages of Food Truck POS Systems:

No machine is perfect! Although we highly recommend food truck POS systems, we invite you to:  

Replace the device and update it when needed:

Any device is prone to breakage. Mobile POS systems, food truck included, are not as sturdy as a traditional POS machine, so make sure to regularly transfer all your data to your Cloud platform before you switch to a new POS device, otherwise; you’d loose your data forever.

Take Fees into Consideration: 

As we mentioned earlier, we think paid subscriptions are necessary for your business to keep running, but some subscription plans can be pricier than others. Make sure to carefully pick the best plan for you, especially if your business is standing on shaky grounds.

Keep it Secure:

We highly recommend choosing the best security services any software can offer. Since you run your business on the go, you are more exposed to various types of risks than a brick-and-mortar restaurant is.

It is Dependable on Network:

You may stop your truck at a potential market and still face the issue of poor network connection. Make sure to always have an emergency plan!

Conclusions about Food Truck Point of sales

A food truck POS system is still your best best. It’s portable, convenient, and inexpensive, but you still need to be careful with maintenance and security issues. 

Running a food truck business and wondering how you should process payment? We gave you the answer!  Check also our other Restaurant business POS systems. There is an overlap of usage, as Food Truck is part of the hospitality business.

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